Clarity on teams
in one system

Escape outdated team wiki's, boards and spreadsheets. 
TeamOS provides a real overview of teams in tech companies.

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Put your teams on the map

Give teams a home by defining where they live in the organization.

Create Team APIs

Set up 360° views for all types of teams. For example, cross-discipline teams, leadership teams and discipline chapters. Transparent and accessible for everyone in the organization.

Make roles and responsibilities explicit

Be clear on who is doing what, who makes what decisions, who is accountable for what. Share and reuse team roles within the organization.

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Your organizational search engine

Search the way you think, find things in second. A powerful interface that helps you act quickly based on your needs.

Think Google Maps but for your organization

Navigate from details to big picture with a team-first lense.

Explore other operating models

Find inspiration within a growing ecosystem of models inspired from the best organizations and thought leaders around the world

Collaborate on organizational changes

Create branches to experiment and plan how to evolve the environment around teams. Collaborate with peers and stakeholders before rolling out.


Remove the everyday friction of team evolution

Maintain information in one place, keep them up to date everywhere else. Integrations with your vital systems to eliminate boring tasks

Ready to set your teams up for success?